Israel’s 1967 Borders


Benyamin Netanyahu

Stephen Darori on Zionism

“Israel’s 1967 Borders must be secure and must be recognized.
They will not be secure unless they are recognized.”
Lord Caradon, then the United Kingdom Ambassador to the UN and the key drafter of the

Resolution 242 is the cornerstone for what it calls “a just and lasting peace.” It
calls for a negotiated solution based on “secure and recognized boundaries” –
recognizing the flaws in Israel’s previous temporary borders – the 1948 Armistice
lines or the “Green Line”– by not calling upon Israel to withdraw from ‘all
occupied territories,’ but rather “from territories occupied,” now legally occupied
by Israel with the consent of the Security Council.
The United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 242 in 1967 following
the Six-Day War. It followed Israel’s takeover of the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza
Strip from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the West Bank from Jordan.
The resolution was to…

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