Stephen Darori- a Modern Day “Can Do” , “Go- To” Rainmaker – Recommendation by Dido Alon


Stephen Darori

Stephen Darori

Stephen is a modern-day rainmaker ,a “can do ” person and a natural networker, and a savvy sales & business development professional. He has  a passion for people; and has  fostered many lasting relationships across the globe. Stephen now feels it is  time  to leave behind the status quo and look for real sustainable solutions to problems. He is looking to channel his resources into emerging technologies and environmental stewardship and he is eager to be part of the new paradigm shift in the world .Some of his specialties include being a a natural leader and strategic thinker that possesses excellent interpersonal skills. As an amiable team-player with a great sense of humor and an endless list of interesting cameos  He  approaches challenges enthusiastically with integrity and urgency that builds commitment and creates success He is  focused on delivering results in a proactive, positive style. His  core strength is to…

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Top 10 Fast Facts about Ariel Sharon


Stephen Darori on Zionism

 Ariel Sharon was known as The Bulldozer: a larger-than-life, blustering figure who came to dominate the domestic political scene as much by his sheer physical presence as by his rhetoric. He died this afternoon at the age of 85. Here are some important facts you need to know about this very important leader.

Ariel Sharon in Knesset

10. Unit 101

In 1953, Sharon created an elite military group called Unit 101. This special branch of the Israel Defense Forces was responsible for the launching of retaliatory strikes against Palestinian terrorists.

9. Renewed friendship with Africa

He renewed diplomatic ties with some African nations that had been cut off nearly a decade earlier. He also assisted with the immigration of large numbers of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

8. Lebanon War 1982

Sharon allied himself with pro-Christian Lebanese, and supported a new government that was led by Bachir Gemayel. After Gemayel was assassination, a faction of Gemayel’s supporters…

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